Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon

QR codes are a spinoff technology from the Toyota company. Toyota used the codes to organize and classify auto parts but the technology is now being used by retailers, restaurants, common businesses and by individuals. The codes are easy to build with free software and they are easily scanned by smart phones. The two-dimensional codes are not attractive in the standard black and white format but they adapt well to marketing campaigns by altering the colors and shape.

Is QR the Future?

The future of QR codes is uncertain but they are gaining popularity in many developed nations. QR is a new technology and while the codes are not used in everyday life, the potential exists. QR codes are easy to use and businesses are likely to experiment with the codes in marketing campaigns. The success of QR codes is largely dependent on the willingness of smart phone users. The phone owners must be willing to download the scanner and use it when an attractive code is present. If smart phone users respond to the codes, more businesses and people will use the codes as a means of physical-digital communication and interfacing.

Getting Started with QR Codes

Getting started with QR codes is a very easy process. Begin by downloading a reader application to your phone. Reader applications are available through a variety of sources. Some of the readers are designed for specific phones and others are general and capable of working on most phones. After you have the scanner, visit one of the many free generators and build your first code.

Advanced QR Options

Advanced QR options are available for commercial use. Large retail outlets and businesses with large-scale QR plans will register for a commercial account. Commercial accounts provide access to advanced design features and analytics. The commercial accounts are not necessary for beginners but they do serve the experts well. Commercial scanners are also available for traditional bar codes and QR bar codes. The scanners are primarily necessary to provide employees with an option outside of their personal smart phones. Commercial scanners also allow the company to track scan data for sensitive information.