Commercial QR Code Generator

Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon

Commercial QR code generators are designed for customization, tracking and running multiple campaigns. Several of the free programs are adequate for small commercial accounts but membership service with advanced analytics; unlimited code generation and design assistance are common for large retail and business operations. The commercial generators are also consistent when replicating identical codes on different printers.

Benefits of Commercial Generators

Commercial QR generators are ideal because they offer support and design assistance. While the QR code generation is a simple process and free options are available, commercial generators offer advanced options. Commercial accounts are ideal for linking codes to multiple social sites, embedding graphic flyers and embedding large amounts of text. The analytics allow a unique name for each campaign and the code holder can monitor the success of each campaign. The commercial generators are also design friendly and allow color changes, bending on the edges and other customization options.


Commercial generators are excessive for running individual campaigns because the customizations and analytics are not necessary. Implementing and running an individual campaign with slight customizations is possible with free programs. Contracting custom designs for an individual campaign is also less expensive than the monthly or annual charges associated with commercial generator accounts.

When to Invest in Commercial QR Generators

Investing in a commercial QR generator account is ideal when QR becomes a regular piece of your business strategy. Retail and real estate outlets are common candidates because codes are added to each piece of property and the tags on each item for sale. Commercial generators are not necessary for single codes, personal codes and small campaigns.

QR Marketing Specialist

QR marketing specialist design, generate and manage campaigns on a contract basis. If you need a large-scale campaign but do not have the time or resources available, hire a specialist on a contract basis. QR is a new and growing field and specialists are developing custom software programs and managing campaigns through existing programs. Outsourcing ensures your campaign is well designed and executed.