Create QR Codes

Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon

Creating QR Codes is an easy process with free software. Several websites exist with platforms that allow data entry and code generation. Creating your own custom codes is accomplished in minutes with simple links, short text and phone number style codes. Long form, text style codes require more advanced software to design and generate custom codes. The custom codes require specialized graphics software that is not readily available in free formats.

Code Generators

Free QR Code generators are available through several sources with the generator being a common option. and are two additional options with formats available in link, text, video, and phone number styles. Generating QR codes with the free software only requires selection of the code style and entry of the data. After you generate the code, the software shows the code and provides separate embed and HTML codes for easy application. Simply incorporate the embed code or HTML code into your website, business card program or other software to place the code in strategic positions.

Additional free QR generators can be found at:

Custom Code Creation

Custom QR codes add color and style for a unique look. The custom codes can incorporate logos for branding and patterned effects that fit in a greater marketing theme. Custom codes require either access to advanced code generation software or a small amount of capital to invest in a design firm. The free QR code creation sites also offer services to build custom codes with your logo and color selection. In addition to the logo and unique colors, code manipulation bends the corners and shifts the code into a more attractive shape than the basic square design associated with most QR codes.

Determining the Code Direction

Begin the code generation process with home page or sales page direction. Use the original code as your primary code for business cards and broad scope referrals to your business website. Generate additional codes for specific video and social media campaigns or sales events and use the additional codes for focused marketing campaigns and specific products or events. Creating QR codes requires planning to funnel traffic in directions that benefit sales and events. Pushing traffic in random and meaningless directions will not hold visitors or generate leads for your business. Use a phone number code for a more personal approach or use a specific piece of text to communicate a mass message.

Choosing a Format

QR codes are generated to work with different forms of media. The single code is only compatible with a single piece of media and you must choose according to your QR goals. Use social media, website links, mapping programs, text messages, SMS, email, phone numbers and RSS feeds according to the purpose of the code. Choose a format that avoids the exchange of personal and confidential information for broad marketing campaigns and use a personal approach for focused campaigns.

Use a custom design with the product QR to brand your product. The graphic codes are visible and attractive. Plain codes remain useful but the bland design does not provide extra incentive. After the code is designed, it remains relevant for the life of the product.