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The standard QR design is not overly attractive but custom design options are possible. Customizing the design is ideal for branding and claiming ownership of your code. Custom designs are either contracted with a graphic artist or QR design specialist or you can design your own. Contracting with graphic and QR professionals is ideal because they have a streamlined approach and reasonable pricing. The custom designs are more effective at engaging customers than the black and white originals and they have great visual appeal.

Inside Design

The interior design is the most difficult aspect of custom QR designs. Insert your name or business name and use colors that fit with your logo. You can place a name in the center of the square and use color shading to disguise the random pattern of the code. You can also bend and bevel the edges to remove the standard straight edges and aligned corners.

Outside the Code

The exterior edges of the code are open for design options. You can place a character peeking over the top of the code or place ears on the code. The outer perimeter is open to any number of creative options without affecting the code performance. Ideally, the code will fit into a greater artistic scheme without looking tacky. Disney and many of the large Japanese brands are integrating QR codes into their banner and slogan designs.


Integrating the QR code in a custom design has great appeal but avoid hiding the code in the design unless you are conducting a QR scavenger hunt. Place the code in a prominent position and add arrows and scan instructions if your customers are not QR savvy. This encourages the customers to interact with the code and allows you to integrate additional codes into your marketing plan.

Drawing the Eye

Experiment with central locations in large QR campaigns with graphics beyond the borders. The eye natural draws towards the center and the location will make the code visible without overshadowing the larger picture. This keeps the theme intact while presenting the code in an obvious position. The central position also works well by creating an outer perimeter with space for graphics. Choose a color that fits your theme and use graphic to draw the eye into your code.

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