Digital Product QR Code

Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon

Digital products like ebooks, software and digital storefronts are linked in QR codes. The digital format is easy to embed in the code by either placing the entire product inside the code or by linking to the product sales page. Digital products are becoming increasingly common and the QR provides a sales funnel for the actual seller and affiliates.


Affiliates earn a sales commission for referring the buyer to the product. Affiliates can design QR codes and place the codes on stickers, web pages and flyers. The affiliate is typically restricted and cannot use the company logos in the QR code. Using the codes allows affiliates to sell in physical environments while referring the buyer to the product in a digital environment.


The QR code changes the way digital products are advertised. Traditionally, websites and digital products were primarily advertised online. The internet format allows active links and click-through to the website. QR codes open a broad world of physical advertising because the QR code acts as an active link. Mobile viewers can scan the code and instantly view the website with the product. The primary venue for QR advertising is magazines, newspapers, flyers and stickers.

Embedded Products

Embed the entire product in the code and require payment before the code is decrypted and accessible for the buyer. QR codes are capable of holding ebooks and other text-based products inside the code. You can also provide a password to access the product after the buyer makes the purchase. The password is used to unlock the code and read the product information.


Use a custom design with the product QR to brand your product. The graphic codes are visible and attractive. Plain codes remain useful but the bland design does not provide extra incentive. After the code is designed, it remains relevant for the life of the product.