Personal QR Code

Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon

The QR code is not limited to business use. Generate and implement personal QR codes on invitations and use them to connect your physical and digital worlds. The codes are easy to generate and the uses are unlimited. Place them on your resume to connect employers with digital resume and professional social experience or use them to connect your friends’ mobile devices with your personal blogs and social accounts.


Attach a QR code to physical invitations for weddings, graduations, parties and special events. Link the code to a website, blog or social outlet for RSVP lists, gift requests and potluck assignments. The QR code makes event coordination easy and all parties can claim responsibilities and communicate digitally. This makes it easy to plan events without interrupt the busy schedules of your peers.


The QR code is an excellent resume tool because it provides the employer with the option to learn more about your qualifications. The accept resume length is a maximum of two pages but the addition of a QR code that links to video, website and social channels allows you to demonstrate your professional skills. Limit QR links to professional outlets that demonstrate your dedication to the professional field. Links to frivolous personal information does not bode well with most employers.

Personal Connections

Create a fun sticker or flyer with a QR code to invite mobile using friends into your digital world. Direct your friends to your personal blogs and social outlets through the code. Use the personal connection to stay in touch with friends and build your digital social network. Also use the code to plan and coordinate informal events within your network.

Emergency Contact

Place the QR code on an emergency contact card or bracelet with a direct phone connection to your contact. This makes it easy to identify and communicate with you and your contact in case of an emergency. Laminate the card to protect the code and place the card in your wallet.  

Social Connect

Use the QR code as a means of social connection for personal use. Embed a link for your social accounts and place the code on your cards, stickers and blogs or websites. Use the code to connect with friends by instantly directing them to your social media sites.