Places QR Codes

Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon

Location based QR codes are an interesting concept with several uses. The codes are suitable for personal and business use. The places code essential directs the scanner to a specific location. The time and date of suggested arrival are controlled by the code creator. Use places codes to direct customers towards your storefront or business and to coordinate events and parties at specified locations.


Embed the physical address and contact information for your business in the code. Also consider linking the code to a Google maps page with directions to your business. The free internet mapping websites are ideal because the customer can enter a starting address and generate directions to your business. In addition to the address, include the telephone number and email for your business. The extra contact information is ideal because the customer may require personal contact to check reservations and wait times.

Parties and Events

Use the QR code to add location-based assistance to your party and event invitations. Embed a link to the address on Google Maps or embed GPS coordinates with a physical address and contact information. The embedded map makes it easy for friends, family and guests to generate directions on their phones. The directions are ideal for events at difficult to find locations and the map acts as a convenience for your guests.

Scavenger and Treasure Hunts

Location QR codes are a creative means of organizing scavenger hunts. Hide the codes in strategic locations, blending custom codes on clue flyers and stamping codes in hidden areas with washable ink. Use the codes to lead participants towards a finish point and prize for arriving in first place. The creative uses of QR codes in location-based scavenger hunts and treasure hunts are unlimited. Technology savvy kids are more than capable of scanning the codes as are adults at office parties and casual gatherings.


Embed GPS coordinates in codes with locations inaccessible by road. The coordinates may lead to campsites, trails or other more remote locations. The GPS codes are ideal for smart phones with GPS capabilities. The coordinates are also effective for leading the user to a very specific location. Embed the coordinates in a simple text form with the longitude and latitude if the user will insert them into a separate devise. Place the coordinates in a mapping program and embed a link into the code for smart phones capable of reading the directions and mapping data.