QR Code Business Card

Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon

Business cards are often exchanged and filed without generating any additional leads. The QR code is an effective method of driving business before the card becomes stale in a filing system. The codes used for business cards are technically classified as mini QR codes because the size is reduced to fit on the small card. The placement and landing direction of the QR code depends on the nature of your business and the purpose of the business cards.


Place the QR code on the backside of your business card for an unobtrusive approach. The backside is ideal for traditional business models with a small demand for the QR code. The position does not force colleagues to view and understand the code but QR savvy recipients can easily identify and scan the code.

Place the code in a miniature format on the front of the card for web and technology based business models. The front position is quickly recognized by your audience and custom designs integrate well with your personal information on the card. Making the entire card into a custom QR code without any visible information is also an option for technology based businesses with confidence in the tech capabilities of the recipients. Carrying extra cards in a traditional format serves as a backup to the QR only cards.

Landing Direction

The business card QR code is a prime candidate for a general home page landing on your website. You can also use a phone number code for more personal business models or a simple mission statement and company profile in text format for traditional businesses with a passive web presence. Business cards are linked to the individual and the best QR codes will ultimately lead the scanner to the cardholder. The personal nature of the business card also makes it an ideal position for a social media funnel. Use the code to connect the scanner with your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and use the media to engage and retain the visitor as a regular customer.

Business Card QR Design

The standard square with black print is effective on the business card but custom designs create a more attractive presence. Design your primary contact QR code in a manner that includes your logo and common color schemes. The custom design adds character to your business card and it adds value to your business through branding. The custom design is worth the investment as the design is used repeatedly and viewed by every individual that contacts your business card. Choose a custom QR code design that blends with the colors and graphics on your business card and insert the code in a manner that does not reduce the value of your name, title and personal contact information.

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