QR Codes in Retail

Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon

Retail operations are accustomed to bar codes but the QR code provides multidimensional options. The code is capable as a price only display at checkout but it can also function as a product description and review source for the consumer.

Link the code to the product description and review page on the company website or an alternative website with quality information. This allows the consumer to conduct research on the spot before making a purchase.

The digital interaction has mixed reviews from retailers but engaging video, picture and text descriptions of the product add value and decrease the need for physical displays to show demonstrate the product features. The code also acts as a promotional retail tool with coupons embedded in advertisements. The codes can eliminate the physical coupon through online offerings on the company website or in-store promotions.

QR Codes are especially useful for virtual retail stores and virtual products. The codes are attached to business cards, stickers, advertisements, flyers, social pages and websites to direct traffic to a specific sales page. Well written sales pages convert visitors and the QR codes are utilized as a funnel that directs traffic in strategic directions. The codes are ideal for ebooks, physical products with online ordering systems and affiliate pages with high profit potential. Using the codes to drive traffic in Internet markets will ultimately drive traffic in physical retail outlets. 

QR Product Tags

Place a QR code on the tags to go home with the customer. Embed your return policy and warranty information in the code. Placing the information in the code eliminates the need for printing physical booklets to accompany products. Add a written link on the tag for customers without smart phones. Direct the link to a PDF download with the same information embedded in the code.

Special Programs

Embed point systems in QR codes and scan at the point of purchase to generate points for the customer. Use an encrypted system to prevent abuse and reward the customers for purchases. Provide discounts and rewards within the points system to retain and encourage customers. Link a separate QR code on the product to a customer account where they can track and monitor their points and progress in the system.