QR Code Marketing

Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon

QR code marketing is an exciting avenue for physical and virtual business. Physical business can utilize QR codes to connect their walk-in customers with their digital presence. The tool is especially useful for companies with an established physical presence and a young virtual presence. Generate custom QR code designs with a creative presence. Place the codes in prominent positions at your physical location and connect your visitors with social media and internet retail venues.

Utilizing Cashiers

QR codes are a young technology and many of your patrons will pass the codes without notice. Place one code at each of the cashier stands in your store and instruct the cashiers to explain the code functions to your customers. This encourages smart phone customers to download an application and scan the code during the checkout process.

Discount Association

Monitor the initial customer-QR code interaction and offer an incentive if the response is slow. Build a QR code discount campaign to encourage application downloads on customer smartphones. After the customers download the reader applications, encourage scanning that funnels customers towards your digital media channels. 

Coupon Subscribers

Link your QR code to an email subscription service and advertise coupons, discounts and events directly to the customer. The QR is a convenient means of building your direct marketing list and many of your customers will volunteer to be the first in line for discounts and news related to your business.

Creative Uses

Use creative QR codes to increase customer enthusiasm. Hide the code in a sign or display and offer a discount for customers who locate the code. Also consider offering entry in a raffle for a free prize when customers locate the code. This encourages the customer to explore your business. The increased awareness draws attention to your product lines and may increase sales.

Label Placement

Label placement is an effective use of QR codes for manufacturers. Integrate the code into your product labels and link the code to company information, promotional offers, nutritional facts, product instructions and video demonstrations. Also consider using QR codes to hold product manuals and warranty information.