QR Code Real Estate

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QR codes are useful in real estate because buyers are constantly seeking detailed information about different properties. Stocking flyer boxes can be a thing of the past with the use of QR codes. Integrate codes on sale signs and window signs. Embed flyers in the code or build specific websites or pages for each individual property. Supply as much detail as possible on the digital flyers and encourage visitors to save the property in their bookmarks, promote the property socially or email the property to private friends and family members.

General Real Estate QR Codes

The general QR code is an effective referral source in real estate. Apply a general code to your business cards and media to refer customers to your homepage. You can also use the general code to supply a mission statement and important contact information. The general code is an excellent starting point and promotional tool but it does not focus the buyers’ attention on specific properties.

Specific Codes

Use custom codes to funnel traffic towards specific properties. Adding codes to the physical for sale sign is an excellent marketing strategy. Continue using physical flyers to supplement the code but focus on pushing traffic through your codes. Make custom QR designs blend with an artistic theme or incorporate the codes into your company logo.

Flyer Codes

Apply codes to flyers with specific properties. Use the flyers to outline the basic information with a single picture of the property. Use the code to funnel the client towards a webpage with additional pictures and detailed information. This allows the client to take the flyer home and thoroughly research the property. Flyers are a standard marketing technique for realtors and the addition of QR codes saves the realtor time by answering questions and supplying information in a digital format. The additional information helps the client sort through properties and eventually choose the property they want to purchase.

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