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QR code stickers are often associated with business branding but the stickers are also effective for communicating a non-profit message and coordinating events. Bumper stickers, window stickers and unique stickers for display are used to advertise a brand. The QR code is an effective incentive for specials and sales. Advertise a sale or special deal on the sticker and funnel the scanner to the sales page with the deal. The sales theme also works well with physical business. Embed a picture in the code and offer a discount when the customer displays the picture. Stickers on cars travel well but window displays and stickers posted on message boards are also effective. Use creative strategies with your sticker marketing campaigns.

Sticker and Flyer Events

Use stickers and flyers to advertise and coordinate events. Display the time, date and location of the event on the sticker or flyer and embed the same invitation in the QR code. The code is stored in the phone and the individual easily stores the details.

Review Stickers

Use the QR Code to engage casual walkers with a physical business. You can beat the physical competition in your area by advertising a QR code that funnels the customer to a review site or an alternative media site. Linking your business to an honest reviews site demonstrates confidence in your product and allows the consumer to research your business and product before entering. This increases the consumers’ confidence and gives you an edge over the competition.

Menu Stickers

Place a menu sticker outside of your restaurant and add the same QR code to your website. Generate the codes daily or weekly and print new stickers from an office computer. Use the code to advertise the daily specials and menu changes outside the restaurant and through your website and social media feeds.

Social Stickers

Is your social presence an important aspect of business? Add a QR code to social stickers with the Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube logos. Funnel scanners to your social sites to grow your following and attract new customers to your business. The QR code creates a fast means for potential followers to locate and engage your social feeds. The most difficult aspect of social media marketing is presenting an easy method of following for visitors and scanning the QR from a sticker is an excellent means of growing your social presence.

Making QR Code Stickers

QR code stickers are easy to make with a PC and printer. Purchase the blank sticker paper in the desired size and use your photo software to design the sticker with a canvas size that matches the sticker size. Use your company logo and add clip art and graphics. Generate the QR code and paste the code on the sticker. Commercial sticker options are also available through a variety of specialty websites. Many of the sites also generate the code and offer custom design and printing services.

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