QR Code Tracking

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Tracking the performance of QR codes is critical to success. Tracking allows you to monitor the number of people utilizing the code and the actions following the initial scan. Measuring the performance makes it possible to gauge audience response and improve your QR approach. Tweaking and improving your approach will ultimately lead to high response and sales conversions.

Tracking Systems

Multiple tracking systems are available and most are associated with a fee. The tracking systems do require account creation and code generation in one place. Tracking performance is easy when the QR refers the user to your personal website or social accounts but external websites do require extra steps to track performance. Tracking with the one stop shop systems is a breeze and all of the analytics are provided within your account.

Outside Tracking

Tracking without a separate account is possible when your QR codes utilize links to your personal website. Use your current analytics system to track the results by adding a referral tagline to the end of the link. This allows you to track the performance of the specific QR link without creating unique QR management accounts. If you are engaged in numerous QR campaigns, consider creating a unique account with one of the many providers. Keeping your website analytics and QR analytics separate is ideal for numerous and ongoing campaigns.

Improving Performance

Improve your QR campaigns by analyzing the data in your tracking account. Change the location of the code, design and embedded information based on the success. Make single action changes and analyze the new data for several weeks before making a second change. This allows you to monitor the effectiveness of individual actions while optimizing your campaigns. Eventually you will find the best combination of techniques for a successful campaign.

Keeping It Fresh

After you find the best formula for a successful campaign, sit back and watch the analytics. The performance is typically consistent for a period of time but eventually becomes stale. After the user response begins to decline, make a major change to the design, location and content. This ensures you are providing a fresh perspective that maximizes the user response.

Tracking Systems

Use one of the following systems to generate QR codes and track performance in one place.


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QR Code Tracking