QR Codes in School

Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon


QR codes are an excellent resource for school projects. Collaborating on group projects is possible without formal meetings and interruptions in your daily schedule. Create a QR code for the group and link the code to a central hub page with the assignments, instructions, deadlines and links to Google spreadsheets and common pages.


QR codes are an excellent tool for teachers coordinating with students and parents. Add the code to your syllabus for access to digital assignments and backups for the students. Use the code to connect parents with class pages that provide student progress, field trip forms and an event calendar. Sending home papers remains a necessity for students and parents without smart phone capabilities but the codes reduce the need for paper and flyer communications. Teachers can also add the codes to extracurricular and volunteer sign up sheets posted on announcement boards throughout the school. Also make an encrypted code for each individual student and use the code to communicate grades and private notes with the students.


Administrators can use QR codes to communicate with the student body and the teachers. Post the codes in student handbooks and embed digital calendars and rule books in the code or email codes to the teachers to coordinate meetings and link to administrative updates and faculty pages. The QR system is especially useful for busy department heads in college systems. Require each professor to generate a unique code for their class organization systems and generate a department code that links to your own line of communication with each of the professors.


Use the QR code as an organizational tool for assignments, grades, schedules and digital media. The code also serves as a backup for important projects. Generate a text-based code with the project embedded and print the code to ensure your work is saved. Embed important information that you reference on a regular basis and use the code to quickly access the information with your mobile device. Post the printed codes in a visible location in the office or on a binder and the information will be accessible at your convenience.


Generate a unique QR code to identify each student. Print the code on student identification cards and store the students’ information. Include everything from transcripts to shot records for an organized identification and information access system for students. Encrypt the codes to protect the privacy of each student.