Restaurant QR Codes

Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon

Restaurant QR Codes are used to connect with customers and offer and insider perspective of the operation. The codes have many applications for restaurants including the typical menu displays and special offers.

QR codes with video tours of the restaurant, interviews with the chef and visual presentations of the favorite dishes are effective. The visual tour allows the customer to view the product and develop and appetite for the menu and environment. Videos also demonstrate kitchen cleanliness and develop customer confidence.

The QR Code is effective for daily specials and coupon offers that attract new business and provide a new mode of communication for dedicated customers. The code is also effective at for referring customers to daily updates established through social media channels.

Use the QR code to direct customers towards free video instruction and recipe offers. The instructional channel builds a personal connection between the staff and customer while creating a loyal following. The behind the scenes approach also builds customer confidence by demonstrating safe food preparation practices and expert culinary skills.

Use the QR code to advertise seasonal specials, basic hours and contact information and services outside of the restaurant like catering. Embed the information as text or refer the scanner to detailed web pages. The QR code opens a channel of advertising and communication that may boost slow areas of your business.

QR Advertising

Generate a short, unique video clip to advertise your business. Introduce the staff, the menu and the location in the video and add the code to your website and build a sticker campaign to build business with the video advertisement. The video acts as a voluntarily viewed commercial by interested parties.