Scan QR Code

Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon

Scanning QR codes is easy once the appropriate applications are downloaded to the smart phone. Although the process is easy, the codes are not fool-proof and read errors do happen on occasion. Several basic steps ensure your phone will scan and read codes without technical issue.

Choose a Compatible Application

Attempting to download the wrong application will prevent the scanner from loading and functioning on your phone. Check the appropriate phone types before attempting any download. Many of the applications are compatible with any smart phone but several are limited to the iPhone, Droid and other select models. All of the programs will list the compatible phones and some phones will block download attempts with incompatible programs.

Lens Maintenance

Scanning the QR code requires a moderately clean lens. Small smudges do not hinder the process but stains and solid discoloration will block the critical pieces of code and prevent the scanner from reading the embedded information. Clean the camera lens on your smart phone with a soft lens cloth to maintain a clear picture. The clean lens and clear picture prevents application scanning errors.

Code Errors

Code errors are not common but they do happen on occasion. Code errors occur when landing pages expire and codes smudge. Smudging is most common on paper printouts and requires exposure to moisture. Report the scanning error to the code owner if possible. Reporting the error provides the code owner with the opportunity to correct and replace the code.

Code Fraud

Code fraud is rare but you must beware of suspicious codes. Code fraud is most common in the physical environment where hackers paste their codes over the code provided by a business. Look for the raised outline of a sticker pasted over the original code and do not scan if it looks unnatural. Custom codes with designs specific to businesses are the safest bet.

Reader Errors

Reader errors occur when the software application malfunctions. The scanner will successfully load and transfer the image but the program will display a reader error. If the problem is consistent, remove the application from your phone and load a new application. You can use the same program as long it loads in a fresh state.