Social QR Codes

Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon

The importance of social media as a business tool is gaining recognition among many business outlets. Social media connects businesses with the customer on a regular basis. The tool allows the business to communicate with the customer about important events and offers and it creates a resource for business branding.

Climbing the social ladder and engaging the customer is a difficult task and the initial social campaign is not easy to implement. The QR code is an excellent resource for gaining social attention with a physical or virtual business model. Place the code in a visible location with the logo for your top social media outlets. Direct the visitor to your sign-up follow page and your social presence will grow passively. This allows you to spend less time recruiting followers and more time engaging and selling your audience. The physical business is especially difficult because traffic is not engaged digitally. Placement of social QR codes at the entrance and exit of the business is a great strategy for quickly capturing social followers with low website traffic.

Connecting the Dots…

Use the QR code to connect the social media dots for your customers. Embed a link to a unique social media connect page on your website. Place additional links to all of your social media outlets on the single web page. This limits the customer to single QR scan while providing the option to follow you on one or more social media sites. Include links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and video sites. Use the logos from each to make your intentions and options clear for the visitor.

Post Capture

After you capture new followers on your social sites, implement effective social campaigns. The new followers are only valuable when they are engaged with your content. Provide regular updates with relevant, meaningful content. Respond to messages and communicate with the new customers to build a meaningful relationship. Nurturing the relationship leads to increased sales, customer loyalty and valuable friendships.