Commercial Advertising, Marketing & Business Development Guide

Website Content Written by Sean Hanlon

The business world is very complex and competitive. With countless businesses, both storefront and online, competing for the consumer dollar, being aware of your competition, market and customer base is extremely important.

Business owners and managers need to be aware of different concepts in advertising, marketing, public relations, branding, trademark protection and business development. Each area is important in starting and growing the business. By using a variety of tactics, business owners and managers will remain competitive in the marketplace, and look for ways to increase business at a slow and steady pace.

While advertising and marketing of a business is a complex and vital part of any company, people can help with this functions in many different ways. To help business owners and managers we have compiled a collection of helpful business resources to use:

Advertising Resources

Marketing Resources

  • Marketing Resources  - informative collection of resourceful websites covering a variety of marketing topics.
  • Marketing Resource Centers - collection of resources and resource centers in the field of marketing.
  • Internet Marketing Resources - useful information and resources on internet marketing initiatives.
  • Marketing Resources - helpful collection of marketing related resources aimed at businesses of various sizes.
  • Resources - basic marketing information, resources and tacticss are discussed in this website.

Branding Resources

  • Brand Loyalty - interesting article discussing the importance of branding in the marketing industry.
  • Brand Marketing - informative website proving information and articles regarding marketing and branding.
  • Corporate Branding - helpful overview of how branding is part of the marketing function in companies.
  • Marketing and Branding  - useful information on the difference between marketing and branding and why they should be seperate.
  • Branding Information - portal of information on branding and related topics that are important to the marketing profession.

Public Relations Resources

Business Development Resources

Patent and Trademark Resources