Sean Hanlon -

Hi and thanks for taking the time to come to my site. My name is Sean Hanlon and I am something of a new media explorer. After spending a few years as a web designer for various companies large and small, I came across QR codes and wondered why I hadn't heard of them sooner. Rather, I wondered why I hadn't realized they had become so popular. It seems like once you see one of these things you see them everywhere, and with all the people I see scanning them at the mall and in restaurants, I figured it was time to jump on this gravy train before it was too late.

The purpose of this site is to do something I like to do in person, consult. Basically, if you are wondering how you can use QR codes better in your business or personal life, I want this site to be the way to go. It's the next best thing you can get to sitting down with me and my colleagues, so feel free to browse around to get the full effect. I firmly believe that information is power, and I want to give that information to you to make your business as powerful as possible.